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Manual & Catalogue Translation and Creation

We cam provide translation services for computer-related manuals, design product catalogues, and so on.


Our team consists of professional software developers, so we can provide the best translation services by taking the needs of our clients into consideration.

[Final Fomat]

We can provide Word, PDF, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker, and HTML forms upon request.

[Working Environment]

Windows / Macintosh

We can provide technical writing services to create computer-related manuals.


Hardware Manual/Instruction for Mobile devises

[OA equipment/Domestic Electrical Appliance]

Instructions for cellular phones, printers, copy machines, and video cameras

[Application Software]

Instructions for computer games, typing, and so on.

Data Entry, DTP, Design, and Software


FrameMaker / PageMaker / Illustrator
Office (Word / Excel / Access / PowerPoint)
Microsoft Visual Basic / Visual C++


PageMaker / QuakXPress / Illustrator / InDesign
We also provide PDF / HTML / XML.


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